BrandM.A.D.E Heroes - Patricia Van Den Akker

BrandM.A.D.E Heroes

Patricia Van Den Akker

We select our Brand M.A.D.E. heroes based on their passion for their industry and understanding of the struggles and challenges that so many may face and feel unable to overcome in their field of expertise. Patricia epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit needed to grow and develop a creative businesses in these tough economic times, encouraging you to reflect on your business desires, strengths and weaknesses in order to drill down to discover your golden unique selling point. 

She actively encourages you to look towards your dreams and offer lots of practice and creative support materials via The Design Trust website to equip you with the tools to achieve the work/life balance that so many independent business owners can fail to master. She’s not averse to providing creatives with a reality check when necessary and will provide you with the harsh truth of common selling and marketing fails when you may be scratching your head in confusion, unable to understand why joining a sales platform or uploading your Ebay, Etsy or marketplace listing isn’t where your marketing ends…it’s where it begins!

Thousands of dedicated and loyal followers of The Design Trust will no doubt agree when we say Patricia - you’re a Brand M.A.D.E. hero and we thank you for your support of independent businesses.

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