Designer Collaboration: Laura Sherriffs

On the 1st of February, W.E. announced the exciting news of our first guest emerging designer, Laura Sherriffs. With the exclusive capsule collection already in production, we took a few minutes to catch up with Laura and grab a sneak peek at what is in store for us all!


Laura Sherriffs Wear Eponymous


1. Hello Laura! Tell us a bit about you!


My name is Laura Sherriffs. I am a recent graduate of Fashion Design from Gray's School of Art located in Aberdeen. It's not just granite up here! Since I graduated, I have been in the process of launching my own eponymous label, “Laura Sherriffs”, and working on my autumn/winter collection as well as my W.E. collaboration! My brand philosophy is really about creating interesting yet wearable clothing for the modern woman through use of cut, colour and using unusual and interesting fabric combinations.

2. Why did you decide to become a fashion designer and launch your own label?


I developed an interest in fashion during the last few years of secondary school. I used to sit on the school computer trolling all the latest shows thinking “I want to do that!” Launching my own label seemed like the natural progression. I feel I work best with ideas coming from my own oddly wired brain, and I suppose I really relish the freedom of possibility that comes with working for yourself. There are no limits or rules to what you can create except the ones that you impose upon yourself!


As for inspiration, I do have favourite designers,- Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy can do no wrong in my eyes, the same for Christopher Kane! I find designers that have their own distinct brand aesthetic very interesting. Even if it is not to my personal taste, I can appreciate how it fits into their brand aesthetic and where they are coming from. Designers like Meadham Kirchoff, Mary Katrantzou and Céline and are all great examples of this - even though individually they are all complete polar opposites!


Laura Sherriffs Emerging Designer

3. Give a little insight into your collaboration capsule collection with W.E. What can fashion lovers expect?


Oooh! This is the exciting part, isn't it? Well, I don't want to give too much away just yet, but these fashionable ladies can be prepared for a fresh pop of colour in there summer wardrobes! Being the notorious nerd I am, I've been looking a lot at the parallels between architecture and sci-fi costume design. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from “Tron: Legacy” as well as characters from “Watchmen” and “Star Trek”, alongside futuristic architecture. One thing I am excited about is the colour palette - emphasis on colour! Its going to be a pretty vibrant, contemporary Spring/Summer collection – think “X-Men go on vacation!” Lots of panelling, and striking contrasts.

4. What part of the W.E. collaboration are you looking forward to the most?


I am really excited about the design process that is ongoing right now! I have so many ideas for this collection and I am really excited as to how it is developing! The W.E. guys are a fantastic creative bunch and I think there are a lot of exciting things going to be happening! I think seeing everything coming together for the first time will be a pretty special moment. There is something about actually seeing real people wear my designs, and thinking "I made that!'" that still doesn't get old!


Spring Summer 2014 Laura Sherriffs

5. What is your advice to aspiring designers? 


My advice to aspiring designers is to stay inspired. Literally, surround yourself by what you enjoy and it comes as naturally as eating and breathing – it sounds cliché but as soon as you start focusing on negatives and what is uninspiring to you, it is very easy to become stale and limit your potential to create. Also, ALWAYS carry some form of paper and a pen. Moments of inspiration always strike on public transport and I realise I've left my favourite fine-liner pen at home!

6. What is your essential wardrobe item?


For me personally, I have a slight penchant for the good ol' beanie hat. My collection is bordering on intervention time, but I just adore autumn/winter trends. A check shirt and a good coat are also wardrobe staples of mine!


Laura Sherriffs Designer Talent


With a promise of colour to our wardrobes, we know what is on our summer wardrobe must-have list. To follow more updates from Laura as she develops her collection, you can follow her on Twitter here.

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