#Hoodstylin’ Event, April News & New Brands

We’ve made it through another winter and although we’re not hitting the summer sun quite yet, we’ve got enough designer treats to get us in the mood for an epic April! Joining us for their first in store event was Choucou, creators of the coolest hoods in town. The Chouchou takeover kicked off from 11am, Saturday 2nd April, Princes Square.


Here's the details straight from the kitties mouth:

"Want to be the first to try on and grab some Chouchou? Want us to show you how to style, combine and maximise your hood? Want to tell us all your hood stories and meet us personally? Well, we want to meet you too and the puuurfect shop we love - Wear Eponymous - will be our special theatre for the day.

We have also partnered with The Academy of Make Up and their skilled girls will be there from 2pm to offer you complimentary mini makeovers for your Saturday night! We're all about the glitter and kitty eye, who can resist that?!

To say we LOVE you is an understatement so we can’t wait to see you there, kitties!!"


New Brands at Wear Eponymous


W.E. are saying hello to A LOT of new brands as we welcome Spring in store and online. Here’s the cream of the independent crop for April:


Beata Lei

Beata Lei shoes (Italian for Lucky Her) are handmade and produced in Italy and now exclusively available with us in store and online.


Colorat have created a collection which cleverly nods to the colour trends of the recent past with a a look to the future using brights, geometrics and their eponymous print design style. In store and online.

Karen Smith

Karen works with precious metals and semiprecious gemstones to the level of detail which makes her collection traditional with a quirky handmade edge; a connection to her work which clients relish in. A true storybook collection.


European unisex fashion brand who have just completed Polish Fashion Week.
In store exclusive.

Kirsten Manzi

Kirsten's work reflects the shapes, structure and textures of the built-up urban environment through delicate silver jewellery for everyday wear.


This jewellery brand is not only focused on creating wearable pieces but also on the importance of creating a culture of value and worth.

Malgorzata Salamon

European womenswear brand making simple structured pieces their forte.
Online exclusive.

Paulin Watches

After three years of carefully designing and meticulously sourcing just the right components from their worldwide suppliers, they are now proudly assembling their affordable, high quality watches in their British manufacturing hub.


European unisex fashion brand who are making a major splash in Glasgow since they arrived.
Exclusive to Wear Eponymous

Shona Guthrie

Scottish independent jeweller with a stunning nod to nature. 
In store exclusive.

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