New Brands Coming to Wear Eponymous!

We’re giving you an exclusive hint of some exciting new brands coming to Wear Eponymous in the coming months!

Our first menswear brand is launching in early February and W.E. can’t wait!

They love a good postcode.

They’re not afraid to embrace some traditional tartan.

In only a year they’ve built up a strong following and are now selling online exclusively through us.


We smell the sweet scent of success of our second brand!

Hand poured in Scotland.

Natural non-toxic bespoke soy candles & rattan reeds.

Luxurious & environmentally friendly.


Our third brand is on it’s way in the coming months and…

They love a variety of shapes.

Simple and striking is a constant feature of their designs.

Did someone say unisex? You betcha!


Luxury bespoke handbags & accessories exclusively made in London. 

Multi-award winning atelier.

Central St Martin’s graduate and former Alexander McQueen couture assistant.

Designed and handmade in London from the finest Italian leathers, with hand-stitched finishing.


Finally, another brand launching with us in early spring 2015 is

All about the modular; it’ll make you rethink your wardrobe!

Ethical - time to have an honest chat about where your clothing comes from.

Sustainable. Never tire of a garment when you can constantly reinvent it.



This is just the beginning of an exciting year of emerging designer launches.

Add into the mix new womenswear designers, lifestyle brands and more and you’ve got a flavour of what’s coming up for 2015 Wear Eponymous Style.

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