June News Roundup

It’s June, it’s summer (supposedly!) and we’re slap bang in the middle of organising our summer pop-up. It’s going to be even bigger and better than our Christmas event and all will be revealed in the next few weeks.


Never Lose Your Cool

Why is it that some folks hold the secret to looking eternally cool throughout the decades while others scratch their heads in amusement wondering what on earth possessed them to wear the gypsy dress with the platform boots while rocking bunches and a frosted pink lip (just us?). Our latest blog is focused on some celebs that hold the key to looking awesome no matter what the decade.

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Write for W.E.

Are you itching to share your fashion thoughts with a new audience or want to share your eponymous story with us? We’re open for guest posts and currently preparing to launch blogs from writers worldwide, from Ireland to Texas. Fancy featuring? Drop us a line and we’ll have a chat. We like to thank our guests with surprises too, so what’s stopping you?

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New Arrivals

We’re adding to G69, Pea Cooper AND rolling out our Shapes of Things launch in the next few weeks so check in with us and you’ll never miss a thing.

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