5 Designer Christmas Gifts Under £50 - Curation #1

5 Designer Christmas Gifts

Under £50

Do you despair over the endless 3-for-2 deals in high street retailers which consist of the same products time and time again, simply repackaged for another year?  Are you tired of hearing ‘get me something different’ or ‘I don’t really need anything’ but you know that they actually have very definite taste and would love a designer treat? We’ve taken inspiration from our wide and varied designer collections from a whole host of Eponymous brands and welcome you to shop our 5 for under £50 collection of gift ideas for everyone.

The Curation

black auto-foldable umbrella

The no fixed abode black auto-foldable umbrella with lion 

logo Lion logo. Designed in London Black Umbrella. Made 

from 100% polyester waterproof fabric.


Boston Silk Headscarf

This digitally printed smaller silk scarf is ideal for wearing as a headscarf or small neckerchief.  This beautiful print could be referred to as the hero design of the launch collection.


Porcelain Camellia Key Earrings

Like in the fairy tale, everyone needs a key for their secret garden. These keys are decorated with our mini camellias, and are perfect for showing your unique style.


Rose Gold Swarovski Bracelet

10mm Hematite arrows and rose gold Swarovski crystal bracelet. 

Measures 7.5" and fastened with a Sterling Silver clasp.


The Cask Room Luxury Diffuser

A comforting warm amber base, spiced with patchouli, freshened with top notes of citrus and sweetened with a hint of vanilla.


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