Around the World in Eight Eponymous Brands

Around the World in Eight
Eponymous Brands

Eponymous champions the best of global independent design and who better to encapsulate some of the most popular top trends of 2018 then the brands themselves? Join us as we travel around the world via some of the most innovative and exciting creators doing their own thing, their way. While it might not be eighty days, we think that eight brands will more than fill your fashionista boots with ideas for your next designer purchase!

Scotland - The Asymmetric Trend

Rebecca Torres is designing swimwear which encapsulates current trends while cleverly remaining comfortable, wearable and worthy of many seasons in your holiday wardrobe.

Cosmic One Shoulder Swimsuit
Golden Rose And Salted Porcelain Pretzel Earrings

Denmark - The Bling Trend

Bling used to create visions of fur coats, dark sunglasses and enough rings, bracelets and chunky chains to sink a ship. Not anymore! Take a creative leaf from Poporcelain’s book and embrace the chicer side of bling with these pretzel inspired gold plated and porcelain earrings.

USA - The Checks Trend

Checks don’t have to be monochrome, gingham or reminiscent of your favourite picnic blanket. Andriali is having fun with this trend and you can reap the rewards by shopping their current collection.

Signature Blue -Slim Fit Dress Shirt
Mono Wallet XS - Scarlet Italian Leather Wallet

Italy - The Red Trend

This colour doesn’t stop traffic for nothing! The shade and style of Oboyi’s red leather wallet oozes designer sophistication and nods to the trend on it’s own terms, like every independent brand should.

Austria - The Velvet Trend

Velvet is synonymous with luxury and Anna Etter has cleverly used key colour dealing in this beautiful fabric to add texture and a statement finish to the classic little black dress.

Noel - Black Midi Dress
Merry Go Round - Black Leather Shoulder Bag

Spain - The Pleats Trend

The beautifully elegant full length pleated skirt trend is in full swing and you can compliment it without overdoing it by adding subtle elements in your accessory choices. The drawstring element of this hand crafted bag means that you can create your own pleats, as tight or loose as you like!

Ireland - The Yellow Trend

Yellow gold is a great way to invest in the yellow trend without the fear of a one season wear scenario. This Ella Green swallow necklace is unique, stylish and adaptable for many variations of wear, meaning lots of choice for occasion after occasion.

Quarreling Swallows 9K Gold Pendant with Yellow Citrine
Hebridean Shores - Luxury Scented Candle

Great Britain - The Floral Scent Trend

A pleasant unisex floral scent is hard to find but Tir Dhaimh has done it in the form of the Hebridean Shores Luxury Scented Candle. With gentle floral notes balanced with sweet pomegranate and woody patchouli, a sheer musk finish makes for the scent of the season.

What’s the key trend the you’re enjoying so far in 2018? Is there a country which produces designers that you never fail to love? Share your comments here and let’s get the conversation started!

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