Four Reasons Why Slow Fashion Is The New Designer Revolution

Four Reasons Why Slow Fashion Is The New Designer Revolution

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘fast fashion’ and the movement behind it to turn around the collections in high street stores at lightening pace.  While it can be fun to shop new ranges each time you visit your favourite stores, we bet you can relate to the ‘get it before it’s gone’ pressure of needing to grab that dress today or fail to see it again.

While we don’t want to revert to days gone by when you were praying for the change of season to see something fresh in your favourite outlets, there’s a powerful ethical movement towards embracing a slower pace in your fashion purchases and enjoying the variation of styles and individuality that comes with stepping away from the urgency of so much choice and so little time to choose from it.  Here’s our four reasons why we’re on board with the slow fashion revolution. 

1. Quality Over Quantity

A fact that you’ll hear from many a stylist is that we only wear around 20% of our wardrobe, with the remainder dipped into sporadically.  Yes it can be fun going crazy in the sales and buying lots of inexpensive items each time you’re in the vicinity of your favourite fast fashion stores, but take a little time out next time you’re choosing what to wear and take an honest look at just how many items you’ve crammed into your wardrobe. How much of it goes unworn?  Which items have failed to make it from hanger to wear and are destined to stay price-tag intact?  Maybe it’s time to take the lead from personal shoppers and savvy stylists, approaching your wardrobe with a shopping list of what you’d like to purchase for each season.  

2. Create An Ethical Capsule Wardrobe

Slow fashion widely embraces the ethics and sustainability that fast fashion may struggle to fulfil due to the nature of the turnaround and pricing that fuels it.  The idea behind slow fashion is to nod to trends without becoming a slave to every evolution throughout the year and brands creating slow fashion tend to select fabrics, manufacturers and pay attention to environmental factors in a transparent way that allows you to make more informed decisions on your garment purchases.

3. Discover Who Made Your Clothes

There have been several recent scandals focused on the poor treatment of manufacturing workers and it’s a problem that won’t go away unless the masses choose to make a stand and refuse to purchase inexplicably cheap products.  Slow fashion aims to encourage transparency in who made your clothes and Fashion Revolution Day is a powerful movement focused on powering the cause of Slow Fashion itself.  

4. Embrace Individuality 

Fast fashion has to appeal to the masses otherwise it won’t sell in the huge volumes needed to keep prices low and production rates high.  This invariably means that choice of outlets to purchase from may be huge but variations will be set within parameters of a certain style.  Think about something as simple as a striped tee.  If stripes are in during a particular season, you’ll see variations of this within your fast fashion outlets but all within the same vein.  There can’t be a movement too far away from what they have calculated should sell or the surplus will prove to be a financial headache.  Slow fashion’s answer?  These brands can create a garment nodding to a current trend (such as stripes) and design it in such a way that it stands apart from it’s faster produced counterparts, with the intention of staying in your wardrobe a whole lot longer than a single season. 

Who’s your go-to slow fashion brand?  Leave a comment and check out to see the independents embracing this movement from around the globe.

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