How to Look and Feel Confident in the Perfect Dress

Here's how to look and feel confident in the perfect dress as you learn to unleash your individuality guru.

Do you wear dresses or does the thought of dress shopping leave you cold?  For some it’s a wardrobe essential, for others it’s an item of clothing to be avoided as it makes them feel exposed, uncomfortable and longing for trousers.

Good news!  There’s a dress for everyone and a style to suit you for every occasion.  Here’s our essential guide to finding the perfect style for you.

Here's how to look and feel confident in the perfect dress as you learn to unleash your individuality guru.

Little Black Dress - Perfect for Every Wardrobe

It’s a classic for a reason.  There’s a shape, style and size for everyone and a multitude of fabrics to create the silhouette that you’re looking for.  Price points for timeless wardrobe staples are wide-ranging and when you find the perfect one for you, you’ll feel a million dollars.

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Above the Knee (Mini Dress) - The Perfect Dress for Fun Occasions

This style doesn’t have to be super short and can be the perfect choice for warmer months, fun occasions and holiday outings.  You can choose floaty kaftans styles to layer over swimmer or vests in the summer months, tailored styles for formal events or elaborate and embellished designer creations for your wow moment.  If you love your legs and want to make them a key part of your look, go for the appropriate above the knee-length for you.  

Form Fitting - The Perfect Dress for a Stunning Silhouette

These dresses can be made from materials that range from structured, supportive fabrics (think classic Herve Leger bandage dresses), to fabrics that cling to every curve and might not be everyone’s preference.  This style can look stunning when accessorized to perfection and if you want to think of the current embodiment of form fitting dressing, think Kim Kardashian.

Below the Knee (Midi Dress) - Perfect for Staying On Trend

Many 90s trends are back and the midi dress encapsulates the below the knee midi perfectly.  Knowing where you want your dress to finish between knee and ankle is key and whether it’s floating, flowing or form-fitting, when it’s right your silhouette will look awesome.

To the Ankle/Floor (Maxi Dress) - Perfect for a Laid Back Occasion

There is a style for everyone and these dresses can be formal, loose or form fitting.  A maxi is surprisingly easy to wear and very comfortable. If you haven’t tried this style, it could be time.

Wrap Dress - The Perfect Dress for Comfortable Elegance

The most comfortable and universally flattering dress of all (with this design credited to Diane Von Furstenberg).  You can loosen the wrap to suit you during the day (hello buffet table!) and it’s the perfect style of dress to flatter our individual silhouettes, bust sizes and fluctuations that naturally occur during day to day living.

Couture - The Ideal Dress for Making a Statement

Something special.  Think awards ceremonies, balls, proms, your special event, big birthday parties - the focus in on your and you want to wow the room.  Yes, you’ll pay more for this style but believe us, you’re investing in the designer’s chance to show you exactly what they’ve got in their style toolkit.

Cocktail Dress - The Perfect Dress for a Special Event

Perfect for a special event, an occasion that requires a classic, sophisticated look, graduations, work events…the perfect choice for easy to wear, timeless sophistication.  You can have a lot of fun accessorizing a cocktail dress but, ultimately, it’s a classic style because it works.

Evening - The Perfect Dress for Formal Occasions

For events, weddings, as a guest for a special occasion.  Evening wear can be dramatic, show-stopping, elaborate and a variety of lengths.  What it will also be is eye-catching, either through its simplicity of design or the wonderful detail.  You can have fun with your evening dress choices.

Classic Shift - The Perfect Dress for Every Day

Easy to wear, perfect for daytime or work wear and presenting a television show - think Christine Lampard presenting Loose Women, Fiona Bruce brining you the latest BBC News or Jennifer Aniston in her finest 'Rachel working in fashion' Friends moments) as they often wear a shift dress effortlessly, accessorizing to enhance and never overpowering the simplicity of this shape.

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