It’s Our Birthday - W.E. Are Five Years Old Today!

Today we celebrate our fifth birthday and, wow, time really does fly!

Eponymous - Style for the individual
Independent Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

In the five years since Eponymous launched there has been A LOT of evolution in the fashion and independent design landscape and these are what we feel are our top five achievements since we launched back in the day:

1.  We are proud to be a part of the ethical fashion and design revolution.

We’ve brought over 100 independent brands to our online audience and to the attention of new high street audiences in locations previously untapped by a small indie platform. Customers have travelled from far and wide to visit our popups in Princes Square, Glasgow Fort, St Enoch Centre and Leiper Gallery.

It’s literally involved planes, trains and automobiles as customers have arranged to fly in to collect their independent designer treats from our events when we bring our unique curations to our specially selected locations.

2.  We remain Scotland’s first multi award-winning online store to shop ethical, hand-picked independent fashion and lifestyle brands from around the world.

As the saying goes, there’s a lid for every pot, and it takes time to develop and nurture your idea in order to reach the customer that is out there looking for you. As we’ve grown and evolved our platform, we’ve learned exactly what the Eponymous customer wants from us; a bespoke shopping experience, luxury designer creations that are beautifully made and thoughtfully curated plus real people available to speak to in-store or online who actually answer your questions promptly! 

We’re here to help and have grown to know our customer demographic pretty darn well.

3.  Patience is a virtue we learned early on, especially in business.

We’ve said it many times - if you start any business (particularly a shop, especially in fashion) then you’d better be prepared to wait for it to grow, establish and find it’s feet. Yes, some brands hit the ground running and can unfortunately burn out after their initial burst of excitement while many others experience the infamous bump in the road where investment money runs out, friends and family have supported with as many purchases as they can make and the next stage of growth and development is simply out of reach.

It’s tough, but if you can understand that promotion, brand awareness and a commitment to creating what your ideal customer is seeking will be forever ongoing, you’ll begin to reap the rewards (even if those who didn’t stick it out aren’t around to share it with you). 

4.  We’ve made some fabulous industry friends.

We might not see some of them as much as we’d like, but there’s nothing like an ally in this crazy industry, someone who gets where you’re coming from and knows exactly what goes into running a 24/7 business in the demanding world of fashion and design. 

Brands such as Ryan James Studio, Sarah Haran, Asneh, Euan McWhirter, Verisimilitude, Nuberu and Mark Vice have become familiar faces during various events and opportunities that we’ve taken part in and our world is a nicer place for knowing them. 

5.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Truthfully we jest and with our tongue placed firmly in cheek, we know that everyone will have experienced that moment when you figure that you must be doing something right! We’ve had small brands re-imagine their involvement in our popups as completely their own (no wonder no-one could find their shop - they were featured in ours!) and times when individuals claimed involvement in awards we’d won when they didn’t even work with the company!

It’s part and parcel of the 21st century hustle and thrills us to know that anyone would want to associate with our achievements and build their dreams alongside us. 

Today you’ll find us working away on the next stage of Eponymous development (cake in hand obvs) as we strive to make another twelve months of amazing memories. Roll on W.E. are Six!

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