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You started your blog after reading a magazine article.  What was it that made you realise it was time to begin?

I decided to take the leap into blogging to help my PC skills. Working in the hair/beauty industry didn't call for much work on a PC. Facebook was about all I knew! I hadn't even sent an email before, so I set about creating the blog to learn how it all worked. We now live in a world of online technology and I didn't want to get left behind! It was really stressful at first, but I have learned so much and am still learning every day. I didn't realise the whole new online community that was waiting for me there!

When did you discover that you’d really hit your stride and connected with your audience?

I started finding my feet, sharing my thoughts on style and gave little tips on beauty tricks that I have learned through the years. Sharing my bargain finds to others seems to go down very well. My blog is not all about top designers that cost a fortune, I love to find something that will look great that doesn't cost the earth! I was lucky that others found it interesting too and the comments and appraisals started to trickle in. It was then that I knew I had something to share. My style is quite classic, I like to wear everyday staple items. Nothing too outlandish. A classic outfit with on-trend accessories is the key to a good outfit for me.

Your love of Vogue in your school days (to the detriment of your lunch money!) will resonate with many readers.  Are you still a fan of physical magazines or do you find yourself reading more digital content now?

I still have my favourite monthly magazines! Online reading has come a long way but you can't beat feeling those glossy pages in your hand! I'm still a bit old-fashioned and take snippets from magazines for outfit ideas or when there is something I've spotted that I would like to try, especially new brands.

Your successful career in the hairdressing and beauty worlds has a natural synergy with the fashion industry.  In what ways do you think your knowledge helps with your writing?

I think my career in hairdressing and beauty is very useful for my readers. They tell me that! I offer little tips that can make a big difference and the readers say "thanks for that idea". I'm very lucky to get invited to try new products to share and I also receive invites to salons to try out new treatments that are available. I guess I'm like an online Guinea pig! I think my age and my passion to keep my skin as youthful as possible is what I have in common with most of my readers.

Finally, is there a particular designer on the Eponymous store that you think could be a name to watch?

Is there a designer to keep your eye on featured on the Eponymous site? Yes! I have spotted a few already! The VVA bags are my favourite. I have one on my wish list already! The idea of getting two bags for the price of one with the Dahlia bag I think is genius, plus they look so lux! The VVA bags are going to be huge! I also like the Karen Smith Jewellery collection. I love the unusual designs. Put on a plain shift dress and add a piece of her jewellery and you're good to go.

Laurie from Vanity and Me Blog

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