The Perfect Mens Shirt

The perfect shirt guide for men 

The perfect body doesn’t exist. The perfect clothing fit for you, however, does. Whether it’s big biceps, a long torso, abdominals that you want to accentuate or skim over, it can be a challenge to know which shirt style works for your body shape.

Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect shirt shape for you.

The Stretch Test

Whatever style of shirt you pick, make sure that it passes the stretch test to avoid the embarrassing builder’s bum/accidental crop top situation that’s happened to everyone. As a general rule, the hem should rest on your hips which will ensure that the length is there to avoid those unintentional flashes!

The Perfect Tee

Your perfect tee could be the crisp, white crew neck worn by Hollywood icon James Dean, a classic band tour t-shirt or a simple, loose tee that’ll see you through a long day at work or a heavy workout.

Crew necks are round with no collar whereas v-necks give a depth to your tee’s neckline that can allow you to accessories or style up with a coat or jacket. V-necks will make your neck look longer while crew necks should sit comfortably at the base of the neck and look classically stylish.

Sleeves can be form fitting or loose and ideally look best if they finish no lower than halfway down your bicep. Roll sleeves back a couple of times if they feel too loose, sit too long or you’re looking to add a bit of additional style to your look that day.

Cotton ensures that your tee will be breathable in hot environments, soft and comfortable to wear and absorb perspiration better than other fabrics. 

Polo Shirts

These shirts originate from the sporting world (for polo players, unsurprisingly!) and are typically short sleeved with a collar and detailing such as buttons and breast pockets. Long sleeved polo shirts are also a popular choice and cotton is the go-to fabric for comfort and breathability.

If you are looking for form fitting, pick a slim fit design as this will skim the torso and can look extremely stylish. A looser polo shirt can look sporty and athletic but don’t go oversized or you’ll lose the design detail and ensure that your shoulder seams aren’t too baggy or it won’t sit correctly on you.

Long sleeves look great but check the fit isn’t ultra tight or you’ll feel constricted when you’re moving. Likewise, too loose and it’ll lose it form, so do the stretch test and make sure those cuffs are sitting correctly at the wrists too.


A crisp and comfortable dress shirt never fails to deliver and the most important aspect of fit is ensuring that you have a full range of motion. Circle and raise your arms, make sure it feels comfortable around the chest and that there are no bulging buttons or issues with the collar size (two fingers space at the neck is ideal).

It should feel comfortable without feeling baggy or tight and there shouldn’t be a whole lotta room under the armpits or more than a few centimetres of fabric spare on each side of your waist. Any more that that and it begins to look baggy and that’s not the goal for a fitted dress shirt.

Cerulean Blue Polo Shirt


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