Want To Know How To Build Your Own Success? Mastermind It!

Want To Know How To Build Your Own Success? Mastermind It!

Everyone wants to be successful in their chosen field and it's all good having the love and support of your friends and family but once your blog or business is out in the open world how do you get people to…care? Many successful businesses say the key to building a brand which works, attracts interest and grows is to mastermind your success and here’s a few W.E. thoughts for you to ponder.

Know Your Audience

You know when you’ve got an idea and think it’s utterly amazing? Test it! All too often people sit on an idea and never do it (just to regret it when it’s no longer workable), think it’ll be easy-peasy to put into operation (newsflash - it often isn’t!) or think they know best and get rather a harsh wakeup call when they realise there’s a whole lot more work involved than initially thought. By testing your idea with a core base of folks who can be honest and don’t feel aligned enough to you to worry about your feelings, you can genuinely begin to evolve your concept and begin to create solid foundations.

This can work for blogs (do they read well, are they interesting to read?), vlogs (are you relaxed in front of the camera?), websites (is it easy to navigate with a nice level of content?) or businesses (do I want to purchase your product or service?). Regularly review this within forums, surveys or even Facebook groups to gain worthwhile opinions and feedback and keep your idea evolving in a way that stays engaging with the people you’re trying to reach. 

Meet Regularly With Inspiring, Like-Minded People

They say the world is full of fountains and drains; those who give and those who take. When you’re trying to mastermind the success of your venture you have to be careful that you’re not too much of either. We’ve all had experiences of leaving a meeting feeling high as a kite and raring to go because of the positivity and energy shared and that’s the outcome you should be aiming for. If you leave a meeting feeling exhausted, grizzly and fed up then you’ve been anything but inspired! Sometimes you need to be told a concept isn’t workable but then sometimes that person is wrong!

Gut instinct may come into play in these scenarios but never lose sight of the realities of what you’re trying to achieve. This is where having monthly meet-ups in coffee shops, on Skype or during Twitter chats are great for trouble-shooting with people in a similar situation and where you get to share tips, give your knowledge of areas you’re familiar with and take advice from those who’ve been there before you.

Be Honest About Your Strengths And Limitations

Everyone has known someone who’s a bit of a show-off and claims to have been there, done that and made a better job of it than everyone else! Beyond this display of insecurity though is an interesting little juxtaposition; you actually can progress to a certain extent with a fake it till you make it attitude, but it’s knowing when to bring it into play.

Successful masterminders will never lie about what they are capable of or what they’ve done but they won’t mind you concluding (sometimes incorrectly!) that they are further down the line than they actually are with their concept, have built a bigger audience than it currently stands or have established more of a range that is necessarily in production at present. It’s never wise to pretend you can do things you’re never going to be able to achieve - we’ve no doubt all seen that end in tears and it ain’t pretty!

It is, however, a clever use of the masterminding technique to utilise your strengths while not draw attention to your limitations and it’s during the growth process that others will come into your working zone who may well be able to step in to fulfil exactly what your limitations would have prevented you from doing. Positivity breeds positivity and focusing on the can-do rather than the can’t really does make for effective results.

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