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When you join us you can be assured of first class customer service, attention to detail and a commitment to working with your brand. Wear Eponymous only works with independent brands & designers that are true artisans so you will be in good company. Our goal is to allow brands the flexibility of a go-to destination to showcase their products in front of potential customers.

We understand that every brand’s needs are different and we bring a unique mix of stylish e-commerce, innovation, networking and business support through our sister site, BrandMade. It’s time to break down the barriers hindering small businesses in the fashion industry.  We do not seek product exclusivity or restrict you selling elsewhere and we feel the biggest boost to the economy is to create a commercially viable & sustainable platform to showcase independent designer talent.

Unlike some initiatives currently available to promote independent brands, we are not publicly funded and do not receive any financial support in return for promoting you. We are paving the way as an independent ourselves and work tirelessly to seek opportunities for our brands to be seen on as wide a platform as possible.


We've designed our platform so there are no monthly costs and competitive commission rates.

Joining Fee

£100 +VAT

One-off joining fee to be part of our platform. We allocate part of this fee to our advertising campaigns


23% +VAT

Commission covers all fees, including payment processing and fraud protection

Partner Networks

Offers up to 20%

We market to various private partner networks with a specific demographic.


We are fortunate to have connected with our audience from day one as we understand what people are looking for. Our branding is strong, confident and transparent because we want your products to be the focus. We sell globally with a low returns rate and have invested time and effort to make our platform easy to navigate, stylish and enjoyable to use.


We have worked hard since our inception to bring the best opportunities to brands on our platform. Through our reputation as a trusted company we have brokered a variety of preferential rates and exclusive agreements with a host of industry related connections.

Sometimes it really does come down to who you know and we will always strive to put people in touch with the right connections.


Our press coverage benefits all brands on our platform. The press coverage is for Wear Eponymous as a brand but it is often your products that will be featured if picked up by the media. This means your products are being exposed to national & international media for the one-off joining fee cost. This can lead to a variety of profile raising opportunities. Please be aware the press often selects products to fit the article and therefore there is no guarantee your products will be selected.


Social media never stands still and with several social media awards under our belt including Smart Social, Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday and Jacqueline Gold’s WOW Award, we know how to connect with our customers. 

As finalists multiple times in the Herald Fashion Awards for Retailer of the Year we will work with you to keep your brand visible on social media and are always noted for our humorous interaction Online. W.E. also know how to through an awesome Twitter Party, and get it trending! Our crowning achievements have been consecutive nominations for retailer of the year at the Scottish Fashion awards.

Our social media stories reflect our brand and products are selected at our discretion.



We believe the best we to succeed is to work closely with designers & brands and offer support to make each collaboration grow!


23% +VAT commission on all sales through our platform with payments made to you the Friday after order fulfilment. Payment on Made to Order or bespoke products may take longer depending on lead times. All processing fees are including as part of the commission.


You can list as many products as you like on our platform - it won't cost you anything extra. Just give us a heads up if you want to list more than 30 products so we can schedule everything in.


How do you spot potential fraud signals? Should you ship to a particular country? Not to worry, we use multiple fraud detection systems and it's all backed up with chargeback insurance. We've got you covered!


You won't be lost in a sea of products where no one can find what they are looking for. Each designer gets their own brand page accessible from the A - Z.


PayPal? Check. Credit & Debit Card? Check.
American Express? Check. Bitcoin?....Yes!

We offer a wide range of ways to purchase your items on our platform. All payments are processed via a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant shopping cart. We even have our website scanned EVERY DAY for malware.


Nobody wants returns but they do happen for a variety of reasons. We'll handle any returned items sold through us. If customers wish to returns items for reasons other than the goods being faulty, they have to pay for the return shipping. If the item is faulty then we'll discuss each return with you. All brands & designers selling through our platform must adhere to the current consumer rights act governing the United Kingdom.


You'll be part of our social media chat and online W.E. community. We'll talk about your products & brand across our social media platforms and engage with followers to encourage sales.


We can introduce you to industry connections who will work with you exclusively to create an event relating to your brand. This could be anything from a Twitter party to a ticketed event, exclusively to promote you being part of the W.E. community. We also receive opportunities to appear at external events and will keep you updated if this could suit your brand.


In addition to our standard marketing methods, we work with various partners to promote the products we list on our website. These partner networks are usually private and can be quite an exclusive opportunity to promote to a specific demographic. To encourage sales via this marketing route, we offer up to a 20% discount on orders. These offers are exclusive and not shared via social media.


Allow us to use our experience of shooting for the fashion and accessories market with guidance on producing the high level of quality imagery needed to get noticed.  Ghost, product and campaign is essential and we know who does it best. A fee will be involved for shoot consultations.


We want to give each designer featured on our platform the best possible opportunities to sell. One of the biggest factors in whether someone will buy a product online is the quality of of photography.  Photographers will have varying styles and each shoot will have a different focus depending on the brand. As we host a variety of designers on our site we must make sure that any product photography remains consistent across the platform. Below are recommendations on how to shoot products to maximise sales and compliment other brands.


Although these example images are cropped, please ensure your shoot images include the full face as we will do any cropping in our own post-production.


Front view of the product should be a straight on pose with natural posed arms.


Side view should be an angle flattering the model.


Rear view should be taken in the same style as the front but at a slight angle.


A standard ghost image is essential for products that will feature in print.


Although these example images are cropped, please ensure your shoot images include the full face as we will do any cropping in our own post-production.





These images can be in any location and can be as creative as you like. Where possible the image should be landscape rather than portrait sized.



We require a studio based shoot for product following the recommendations on this page to allow us to maximise any opportunities to utilise our PR connections.  Many publications will not accept variations of these requirements although they do like originality (for example, background colour can vary).


Maximise your creativity but please ensure that you have clearance to shoot within these locations. These images should enhance your collection to entice customers, whereas the product photography is essential to show quality and fine detail.


As we want to maximise your publicity, please ensure that you have full licensing to share these images on our platform & can give us clearance to share with media outlets.  Be aware, if you have not cleared this your photographer may invoice you at a future date for use out with your agreement. We can recommended photographers on request.


  1. Industry standard model (doesn't need to be signed).
  2. Keep posing strong and simple and check elongation of the full body. 
  3. No contorted necks, arms and legs.
  4. Skin: Good skin preparation (watch for fake tan, dry patches, redness).
  5. Nails: Clean & uniform length.
  6. Hair: Watch for fly-away hair on face and clothing (time consuming to rectify in post-production).
  7. Makeup: correct tone for skin, well blended (watch for varying tone from face to body, blending at neck & ears).
  8. Clothing: watch for loose threads, creasing, ensure seams are straight, straight zips & belts.
  9. Lighting: Ensure your lighting is flattering and set correctly for the shoot conditions
  10. .Ensure your floor space is clean (no dirty marks, foot prints etc).
  11. Ensure model's footwear is clean and shoot-appropriate (if it will be seen in the images).
  12. Ensure your chosen backdrop is suitable for the shoot and fits with the overall look of the collection.

Note: Make sure you get hi-res versions of the images. Image dimension should be in the thousands (6000 x 4000 for example). Professional photography is essential for displaying your products to maximise sales and builds trust in your brand.


To make it easier for us to list your items on our platform you can send us a word document, PDF or email with a breakdown of each product.

Include the following information if not using the form below:

  1. Product name
  2. Product price (GBP)
  3. Product description
  4. Product composition (i.e. what it's made from, including %)
  5. Where is the product is made?
  6. Where are orders dispatched from?
  7. Is the product Made to Order?
  8. Lead time in days (if made to order)
  9. Colour variants
  10. Size variants
  11. Physical product measurements (usually based on a medium)
  12. Any other Variations
  13. Any other information

Hi-res images can be transferred to us using WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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