Stock With Us

We are passionate about working with independent brands and showcasing their products in the best way possible.  This was the reason why we started our marketplace as an accessible luxury platform.

There are a few rules regarding the products that you want to list on our website.

      1. The products must be manufactured ethically, no exceptions!
      2. We do not accept fur and certain animal skins. Producers using leather may be asked to verify their manufacturing chain.
      3. Products must adhere to current UK & EU consumer regulations. This includes appropriate clothing labels etc.
      4. The products must be designed by yourself/your brand. In other words, you are the creative talent.
      5. Products need to fit in line with our customer demographic which is accessible luxury.

      If you satisfy these criteria then we would love you to apply.

      Please note:

      • All products must have a professional standard of photography. Products shots on a white background are preferred for PR but not mandatory.
      • We do not buy from wholesalers and all products listed on our website remain the property of the brand.

      As a sales agent, we are offering you a service; a trusted route to market, however we are not your brand agent. Sales will occur through our channels but you must understand that our service is to act as the agent providing an award-winning platform to market and sell while your responsibility is to generate interest in your brand & increase your profile.

      As with any platform you join, it is an additional opportunity for you to stand out and be found online and in front of your target customer. Even the biggest brands still require to advertise, share and promote who they are featured with and it's up to you to encourage clients to visit your outlets while we actively promote you from our side via our multi-channel approach.

      In order to maintain an active presence on the platform, we ask that you must commit to communication in regarding to order progress, dispatch, delivery reference numbers and possible returns.  We may notify you via a message at any time, not just within office hours.  This is due to the 24/7 nature of online sales.

      It is very important that you update us of out of stock items, discontinued products and products which have a revised lead time.  Customers often have a one strike rule when it comes to online shopping and if you are perceived to have let them down, they often will not return to purchase from you again.